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The Relevance of Nutrient Digestibility

Horses, like all animals, have a daily requirement for a specific level of

essential nutrients that must be provided by the various components

of the diet. This requirement varies depending on lifestage and

lifestyle demands. Therefore, when formulating a daily ration, it is

important to consider each component and estimate the ability of the

horse’s digestive processes to access and absorb the nutrients

provided by the various dietary inputs.

How Does PROeq™ Postbiotic Influence Digestibility?

PROeq™ postbiotic is a unique, rich, and consistent mixture of hundreds of beneficial metabolites formed through a proprietary fermentation process utilising a specific strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Like the metabolites created by the gut microbiome, the metabolites in PROeq™ Postbiotic also exert an influence on many digestive and immune functions including those associated with the aforementioned aspects of nutrient digestion and absorption. PROeq™ postbiotic beneficially modulates the gut microbiome by giving a “competitive edge” to beneficial populations to maintain and promote their abundances and stimulate positive outcomes, such as enhanced VFA production. Butyrate is one such VFA that has been shown to enhance the epithelial cells lining the intestine and modulate immune responses and systemic metabolic processes. In total, PROeq™ postbiotic nurtures the gut microbiome and helps it flourish. A more robust and thriving gut microbial community is able to feed on and more fully digest ration feedstuffs. As a result, more nutrients, such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals become available. These nutrients are used to support growth, maintenance, reproduction, and performance of the horse. PROeq™ postbiotic digestibility benefits have been documented in controlled research across all major equine life stages.


Providing horses with diets containing the right level of digestible nutrients is always important. Now more than ever, with skyrocketing ingredient prices and environmental challenges limiting the availability of high-quality forages, maintaining good to excellent diet digestibility may be difficult. Thankfully, PROeq™ postbiotic is an ideal, cost-effective measure to help support optimal nutrient digestibility in the face of feed and forage quality challenges.

Postbiotic Study
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